For Scientists,
By Scientists

Stellate is a full-service communications firm for scientists, by scientists. We are strategic scientific partners to individual investigators, academic institutions, and science-driven organizations and nonprofits.
We offer tailored support including strategy, technical and grant writing, media relations, brand building, social media, website design, and more to help clients reach their research, professional, and personal goals.

Who We Are

The Stellate team is as diverse as the clients we work with — PhD-level scientists, designers, writers, web developers, and media specialists— working together to ensure your stories are heard, shared, and remembered.
Stellate team skillset highlights diverse expertise, with scientists at the core surrounded by project managers, communication experts, web developers, graphic designers, media specialists, and technical writers.
Stellate’s typical clientele are at the intersection of Individual Investigators, Departments & Institutes, Universities and Academic-Adjacent within Academia and Science-driven organizations & nonprofits outside of it.

Who We Support

Whether you’re a new PI trying to make a name for yourself, a tenured professor with too much on your plate, or an institute looking to bolster your scientific and leadership communications, our team is equipped to support you. We’ll guide you through grant season, secure social and traditional media coverage for your research, and flawlessly complete time-consuming managerial tasks – so you focus on pushing the boundaries of science.

Web & Design

Our team provides comprehensive design services, including logos and web design, specifically for science-minded communities. With an experienced team of designers and developers who understand the unique needs and challenges of the space, we’ll help you effectively communicate complex scientific concepts through impactful event materials, research schematics, and social media assets.
Examples of Stellate's Web & Design work: The Collective for Psychiatric Neuroengineering homepage displayed on a computer monitor, showcasing a custom illustration of six diverse faces amid brain cell-like background, accompanied by text: "Healing families through transformative research." Additionally, a slightly overlapping image of a client's academic paper, titled "Linking task structure and neural network dynamics," featuring a custom figure designed by Stellate.

Who We've Worked With

Cai Lab
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Shepherd Lab
The Collective
Stanford Molecular & Cellular Physiology
Rajan Lab
One Mind
Marlin Lab
Milken Institute
Tian Lab
Ramirez Lab
Elahi Lab
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Padilla-Coreano Lab
Program in Synapse Biology
Social Memory Lab
Kwong Lab
Hunsberger Lab
Social Development & Wellbeing Lab
BEAT Cancer Lab
Higley Lab
Foster Lab
BE Bio
Kheirbek Lab
Soragni Lab
Magin Lab
Opto GRC
Wynne Lab
Heys Lab
Siciliano Lab
Baszucki Group

Stay in Touch

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