Stellate specializes in helping academics and science-driven nonprofits tell their stories in ways that resonate with their target audience, and beyond.

Our mission

is to use our scientific, data-driven approach to deliver targeted, high-impact campaigns and ongoing support that enhance signal-to-noise, broaden the reach of your ideas, and increase funding and collaboration opportunities.

Our team

is as diverse as the scientists we support. We're an eclectic group of experts —scientists, designers, writers, web developers, and media specialists— all working together to maximize the impact of your science, strengthen your thought leadership, and engage a variety of audiences.

Our primary goal

is to help our clients share their research and findings with the world in an impactful and authentic way. We do this by leveraging our science, storytelling, design, and media expertise to create memorable and effective messaging. Whether you are a researcher, a nonprofit organization, or an academic institution, we believe that your work matters and that it deserves to be heard. 
Stellate is a rare firm with deep domain expertise in science & the comms chops to position organizations as authentic thought leaders. I’ve worked with Stellate over many years across different companies & I keep coming back to them for PR. Their team is smart, dynamic, and they care about measurable ROI as much as I do.
Nonprofit Executive
Caitlin Vander Weele's career journey from Academy to Stellate Communications: Starting in the Academy, where she built a brand, published in prestigious journals, and secured awards & funding. She then moved to Biopharma PR, focusing on corporate communications, executive thought leadership, social media, media relations, and disease awareness. Finally, she founded Stellate Communications, a communications agency for scientists, by scientists, both returning to academia while establishing a new type of connection with it.

Our Founder’s Story

I often tell people that I have a PhD in “science politics,” but perhaps a more accurate reflection would be that I received world-class training in the business of academic science. I published in prestigious journals, secured awards and funding, and built a brand within my community that could be leveraged for research and career advancement. This training is also what led me to leave the academy. I was a fine scientist, but was compelled to explore new opportunities knowing that other brilliant minds would drive much-needed progress and make world-changing discoveries. I didn’t know it yet, but years later, my path would come full circle to catalyze precisely these individuals and events.

I transitioned to a career in life sciences PR and Corporate Communications, working with biotech companies and their executive teams. It was eye-opening to see the value that communications has in the corporate world and how invested companies are in cultivating it. It’s a stark contrast compared to the attitude toward communications pervasive in academia (It’s a distraction. It’s a waste of time. The media always gets it wrong, why bother?) But in industry, these efforts are led by an X-factor that didn’t exist in academia: ongoing, tailored support staffed by an expert team. This is the niche that Stellate occupies. A communications agency, for scientists, by scientists.

Stellate is more than a PR firm.

We are strategic scientific partners that operate across communications and research operations. To-date, our grantsmanship has resulted in over $17.2M in funds. We’ve placed clients and prepared clients for coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian and on NPR and PBS NOVA. But perhaps the most rewarding are client reports of being better mentors, family members, and colleagues because Stellate clears mental space so that they can focus on what they do best: the science.
~ Caitlin Vander Weele, PhD

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