Meet Our Team

Full biography.Full biography. Caitlin Vander Weele, PhD.LinkedIn link.

Vander Weele, PhD

Founder & CEO

Full biography. Gabriela Serrato Marks, PhD.Full biography.

Serrato Marks, PhD


Full biography. Fernanda Graciolli.Full biography.

Fernanda Graciolli

Managing Director, Web

Full biography. Kathryn "Kitty" Flaherty.Full biography.

Kathryn “Kitty” Flaherty


Full biography. Ariana White.
Full biography.

Ariana White, MA

Senior Account Supervisor

Full biography. Cindy Reyes.Full biography.

Cindy Reyes, MS

Account Supervisor

Full biography. Deb Joye, PhD.Full biography.

Deb Joye, PhD

Account Supervisor

Full biography. Yewande Pearse, PhD.Full biography.

Pearse, PhD

Account Supervisor

Full biography. Milena Pirozzi, MSc, PhD.Full biography.

Milena Pirozzi, PhD

Account supervisor

Full biography. Susanna Harris.Full biography.

Susanna Harris, PhD

account supervisor

Full biography. Stefania Cerisano, PhD.
Full biography.

Cerisano, PhD

Account Coordinator

Full biography. Jen Kramer.Full biography.

Jen Kramer, MS

web developer

Full biography. Rhien Hare.Full biography.

Rhien Hare


Full biography. Rhien Hare.Full biography.

Rhien Hare


What's our story?

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