Stellate's Creative Services develop eye-catching websites, informational materials, intuitive figures and schematics, and authentic visual brand identities.

Enhance your online presence with our Creative Services. Our team of talented designers and developers will work closely with you to create a custom or plug-and-play website that is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. We also offer maintenance and updates, as well as training sessions, to keep your website running smoothly. Our custom and plug-and-play logo designs are designed to reflect you, your science, and your values. Consultations ensure consistent usage across all of your branding materials.

Website Design

We provide fully custom or plug-and-play websites that are optimized for desktop and mobile viewing and provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.
A computer monitor shows the homepage of Dr. Bianca Jones Marlin’s website, featuring hero video of multicolored main olfactory epitheliums and white text that reads,”Bridging the gap between innate and learned behavior” and a call-out indicating that packages start at $10K

Custom Websites

For those who are looking for bespoke website designed and built from the ground up. Our team of designers and developers work with you extensively to bring your vision to life in a website designed and built just for you.

Site Lab

For an accelerated design process, choose one of our plug-and-play options and our team will help you customize your website to reflect your lab’s identity, culture, and mission.

A computer monitor shows a page of Stellate’s Site Lab featuring several Webpage Template options and a call-out indicating that customizable Site Lab websites start at $5.5K

Logo Design

Let us help you create a distinctive mark that artfully reflects your science, values, and philosophies. We offer guidance and support with developing a consistent brand identity, and can ensure that your logo is used appropriately across materials.
Custom logos made for clients: the Elahi Lab logo reflects their work on the blood-brain barrier, the Padilla-Coreano Lab logo reflects their work on the neural basis of social competence, and the Shepherd Lab on the molecular mechanisms of memory and virus-like intercellular communication.

Custom Logos

Elevate your group's identity with a custom logo. Our team of talented designers will work closely with you to understand your research, vision, and personality to create a unique logo that could only be yours.

Logo Lab

Using our Logo Lab, finding a logo is easier than ever and for a fraction of the cost. Claim your favorite mark from our extensive library, customize your color and font, and our team of designers will deliver the final product with options for all use cases.

A computer monitor shows a page of Stellate’s Logo Lab, emphasizing the 50+ customizable logos to choose from

Creative Portfolio

Want to see more examples? Dive into our portfolio and see how we bring scientific concepts to life through custom websites, innovative logos, striking illustrations, and engaging schematics.

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