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NIH National Institute of Mental Health.Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.National Science Foundation.Simons Foundation.HHMI: Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Whitehall Foundation.CIFAR.The McKnight Foundation.Brain and Behavior Rsearch Foundation.Hypothesis Fund.
The Wall Street Journal.The Guardian.National Geographic.Good Morning America on ABC.PBS Nova.
The Atlantic.The Scientist.Thrive Behind the Science.
Science Decoded.Stories of Women in Neuroscience (WIN)MIT Technology Review.Spectrum.Quanta Magazine.
Lady Scientist Podcast.Medical News Today.The New York Times.Neuro Central.Hello Bio.
Alan Alda, Clear and Vivid.
The New York Times.
With Stellate's support, I've raised my profile as a thought leader in my field— leading to more collaborations, awards, grants, and invitations to share my science at top-tier institutions. Since working with them for 3 years, I've been invited to chair committees, lead working groups, and have received promotion with tenure after 4.5 years. Stellate Communications is a powerhouse.
Associate Professor in Neuroscience
CellPress.Nature.Science.Nature Neuroscience.
Neuropsychopharmacology.BioRxiv: The preprint server for biology.eLife.Nature Reviews Neuroscience.
The Scientist 2021 Top 10 Innovations.Allen Institute for Brain Science.Inside Out Leaderboard.American College of Neuropsychopharmacology.
Brains.Research Corporation for Science Advancement: 2 scialog fellows.

Social Media

Before talking to Stellate, I knew that I was projecting myself in social media and across platforms in a haphazard and ineffective way, but I didn't understand what needed to happen to make it more coherent. Following long conversations about the issues that matter to me most, Stellate helped me develop ways to more effectively advocate for the issues I care about.
Professor in Neuroscience

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What else can we do? Our creative team transforms your science into visually stunning websites, inventive logos, vibrant illustrations, clear schematics, and publication-ready figures.